In-Flight Essentials: Top 5 Must-Haves en route to your Monitoring Visits

In-Flight Essentials: Top 5 Must-Haves en route to your Monitoring Visits
Photo by Bambi Corro / Unsplash

Stay comfy and stress-free in the air! Don't forget these game-changing in-flight essentials for a smoother journey to your sites!

Here is a list of items that are in my bag for 100% of my work and personal travel.

Inflatable pillow
Do all CRAs have bad backs/posture?

For added lumbar support, this is a game changer for me. No more stuffing sweaters behind your back.

It packs down to the size of a soda can. Simply blow it up about half way (I promise no one is watching), place behind your lower back, and it will almost feel like your seat is less than 10 years old. Deflate and pack away before leaving your seat.

I have STS Aeros, and Cocoon Air Core (shown above). Both are coincidentally green which I actually really like. I haven't left one behind yet and I am pretty sure it's because the lime green is hard to miss.

Here is a link of someone doing a review of them both. I prefer the Aeros because the valve is flat. Both are washable.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones or Earbuds
No explanation needed.

I own the Bose QuietComfort, and Airpods Pro.

When charged, I listen to music or audiobooks. When the battery is dead and I can't charge them, I still wear them so that no one speaks to me.
When true silence is needed, be sure to have regular ole earplugs on hand to use alone or with those headphones.

Sunscreen Powder

I always apply liquid sunscreen to my face prior to going outside even if it's just for 20 minutes. At flying altitude (approximately 30,000 feet or 10,000 metres), UV radiation is twice as strong as it is on the ground. Furthermore, the UV light is reflected off of clouds, and fills the cabin with ambient ultraviolet light, regardless of where you're sitting.

Reapplication is KEY, but I don't like putting sunscreen over my makeup. This powder brush-on sunscreen is perfect for getting that extra UV protection on flights, in and out of airports, or rideshares. Since it's a brush on, you can also easily protect your ears (ever seen how skin cancer on ears is addressed? Brush those ears.)

It's translucent, mattifying, and has SPF 50+. $36-70. One will last you at least 6 months.

  • Sunforgettable® Total Protection™ Brush-On Shield SPF 50 (get it here, here or here). I also saw these in a 3-pack on recently.

  • Alternative products from Supergoop, Derma-E, Hawaiian Tropic)

I pack a few meal bars, electrolyte powder, and gum.

I currently like any bar from Trader Joe's and having a few of those dark chocolate peanut butter cups on hand is good for morale.

Electrolyte powers for hydration, but also to mask the taste of airport or airplane water. I like Liquid IV Pina Colada flavor (or LMNT raspberry salt)

Gum (approved for closed-mouth use only) - for relieving air pressure and bad breath.

Hygiene Products
mask, sanitizer, wipes because I don't like cooties.

I bring one just in case a nearby passenger is coughing, sneezing or just generally being gross. It's also helpful when stuck on a particularly stinky flight. Now that it's totally acceptable to wear a mask in public, I bring one, just in case!

Sanitizer and wipes - If you're like me and want to stay germ-free onboard, I recommend these from whole foods because I usually stop by WF anyway and they smell pretty good.